Android App: CamScanner

January 24, 2011

Imagine having a scanner in your pocket at all times that allows you to turn receipts, newspaper articles or anything else you can think of into .pdf files on the go.  Well now you can with CamScanner for your Android device.


Once you launch the program you will be greeted by the following screen:

To get started with CamScanner, select one of the two icons on the lower left-hand corner with the green plus sign.  The first icon allows you to take a picture and turn said picture into a .pdf file, while the icon to the right of it allows you to select an existing image on your phone.  For this write-up I am selecting the first icon to take a new picture.

After taking a picture, you will be able to crop that picture and finish by selecting the check-mark icon:

Now you will see the following screen:

Here you can name the new document by selecting the fountain pen icon or instantly share it by selecting  the networking (triangle) icon.

I hope you enjoyed this quick write-up for an app that I’ve been using religiously now to turn receipts into .pdf files on the go.  For more information you can check out the QuickStart guide included in CamScanner.